1. What days / times are classes offered?
Tuesdays 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm. (Eastern)
Wednesdays 10:00 am to 11:15 am. (Eastern)

2. Are classes required?
Yes. The vast majority of the course’s content will come through the class lectures.

3. How much does the course cost?
The total amount is due before the student begins taking classes. Non-refundable.

4. How will grades work?
The teacher will give grade recommendations for each assignment and also a final, overall grade recommendation. Since this class acts as a homeschool supplement, parents are allowed to assign a final grade as they see fit, so long as they do not claim that Bonita Pratt nor Pro-life Apologetics assigned their new grade.

5. How will sensitive issues be handled in regards to abortion details?
The teacher will use verbal explanation for as much as possible and will use language that is geared towards the students gaining knowledge and not being overwhelmed by fear or disgust. Abortion procedures and difficult situations will be discussed, as understanding of them is vital to being able to understand the whole issue and being able to debate well. If a student (or the parent) chooses to mute a certain section of the class or step away for a minute, they are welcome to do so to protect their peace of mind, but the content or related questions might show up on a future assignment. A parental release (located under the sign up form) is required before a student is officially registered for the class.

6. Can only upperclassmen take the class?
While the course is designed particularly for high school upperclassmen as preparation for college, sophomores are allowed to take it, accounting for parental discretion.

7. Do you have to be Catholic to take the class?
No. Anyone is welcome to take the class. However, the class will be taught from a Catholic perspective.

8. What category does this class fit?
This class is designed to be either a Catholic theology course or a philosophy course.

9. What time zone is used?

10. What is the calendar for the school year?
Orientation – week of Aug. 23 2021
First week of normal classes – week of Aug. 30
First quarter exam – week of Oct. 25
Thanksgiving / fall break – week of Nov. 22
Christmas break – Dec. 20 – Jan. 2
Second quarter exam – week of Jan. 17
Third quarter exam – week of March 21
Spring Break – week of March 28
Fourth quarter exam – week of May 30

11. Is there any way for my non homeschooled student to learn the material?
Bonita is able to come to high schools, college pro-life clubs, youth groups etc., and give a talk that condenses the content of the Pro-life Apologetics course. See the “Book a Talk” page for details.