“I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated this course. It went far deeper into the real issues concerning abortion and contraception than I ever expected. As a senior in high school, I believe this course helped prepare me to take on the difficult questions and arguments surrounding the abortion issue in my upcoming adult life. Bonita is a wonderful teacher and I will miss having her class every week!”
– Cecilia (Student 2023)

“It’s a really great class! Very informational and easy to understand. The work also isn’t too hard. Bonita is a great teacher, very kind and takes time to answer all your questions and she explains everything so well. 10/10 definitely recommend everyone to take this class!”
– Francesca (Student 2023)

“This class was super good! It was an in depth discussion of the the pro-life position and walked through not only what we believe, but why we believe it too. It was super informative and really helped prepare me for defending the pro-life position. I would totally recommend this class to anyone who is looking to learn more about this topic!”
– Stephen (Student 2023)

“This Pro-Life class was a fantastic experience for our daughter. As a homeschooling family, we tend to be somewhat insulated from many opposing views. This class presented many deep pro life topics and varying angles to them. It also helped her to really analyze the issues. I believe that our daughter will be equipped to engage with others in meaningful discussions, and maybe even change some hearts in the future.”
– Siobhan (Parent 2023)

“This is a great class, clearly revealing the evils of abortion and showing how to fight against the culture of death.”
– Nathan (Student 2023)

“It was a very informative class that covered a lot of good topics”.
– Greg (Student 2023)

“This is a highly integrated course. My daughter already had a good foundation for understanding some of the moral aspects surrounding life issues, but through this course she learned that these are multi-faceted issues. She now has a much deeper and broader knowledge and understanding of the scientific, legal, and socio-economic effects of abortion and other life issue. This enables her to be a far more sophisticated defender of life than she had been previously. As an added benefit, she not only learned about pro-life apologetics but was able to further develop many other academic skills because of Bonita’s extremely helpful feedback on all assignments. Our expectations for the course were far exceeded, and I look forward to having more children take this course from Bonita.”
– Brenda (Parent 2022)

“I have always been pro-life, but my understanding of abortion was limited and elementary. I signed up for the class hoping to have a more in depth understanding of life issues, why I am pro-life, and how to better defend life, especially with my friends who disagree with me. The course was challenging, but the hard work put into it paid off. Mrs. Pratt gave assignments that helped me to look at abortion from a perspective other than my own, and I found this particularly helpful. Her feedback was very clear and showed me things that I needed to work on. I learned much from the feedback about the content of the assignment, as well as how to be a better student and thinker so that my work in all areas could improve. Mrs. Pratt pushed me to engage in class in a way that drew me out of myself when my tendency would be to hide away. I am a much more confident and learned defender of life after this course, and I am eager to continue growing in this manner.”
– Maggie (Student 2022)

“This class has been so amazing for me! I went into it with only a very basic understanding of the pro-life/pro-choice debate, but now my knowledge is so much broader and I feel so much more confident in my ability to discuss this issue wherever it may come up in my life. I would absolutely recommend this class!”
– Lexie (Student 2022)

“Was a great class definitely helped me with a couple debates and hopefully will help more in the future. Was a very interesting class to take.”
– Joseph (Student 2022)

EVERY student in the 2021-2022 class rated it 5 stars.

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