“This is a highly integrated course. My daughter already had a good foundation for understanding some of the moral aspects surrounding life issues, but through this course she learned that these are multi-faceted issues. She now has a much deeper and broader knowledge and understanding of the scientific, legal, and socio-economic effects of abortion and other life issue. This enables her to be a far more sophisticated defender of life than she had been previously. As an added benefit, she not only learned about pro-life apologetics but was able to further develop many other academic skills because of Bonita’s extremely helpful feedback on all assignments. Our expectations for the course were far exceeded, and I look forward to having more children take this course from Bonita.”
– Brenda (Parent)

“This class has been so amazing for me! I went into it with only a very basic understanding of the pro-life/pro-choice debate, but now my knowledge is so much broader and I feel so much more confident in my ability to discuss this issue wherever it may come up in my life. I would absolutely recommend this class!”
– Lexie (Student)

“Was a great class definitely helped me with a couple debates and hopefully will help more in the future. Was a very interesting class to take.”
– Joseph (Student)